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Wednesday 17th October, 2018

ProReveal Testimonial - University Hospital Wales, Cardiff

We were early adopters of ProReveal and have been using this technology since 2016 to monitor the effectiveness of our cleaning/disinfection processes. We are using ProReveal as an additional test, to give us further assurance our processes are working for protein removal. In addition to ProReveal we perform all validation tests as documented in WHTM-01-01.

The ProReveal is easy to use, as well as highly sensitive and gives clarity using visual displays to indicate any residue proteins present. We have been trending our results for over two years and have robust procedures in place should we see an increase over time on the protein residue amounts, to action any failed results. Currently our trend analysis shows consistent results below 1 microgram."

Mark Campbell, Decontamination Service Manager, NHS Wales, University Hospital Wales, Cardiff, Wales