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ProReveal Test


The patented ProReveal Protein Detection Test is a new ultra-sensitive fluorescence technique for checking and detecting residual proteins that can remain on surgical instruments after the decontamination process. Used with its powerful diagnostic tools, ProReveal also provides a perfect monitor device to check the performance of the washer disinfector process over time. This aids the detection of any changes in process parameters and helps to guide the user to optimise their process to achieve maximum performance from their facility. ProReveal offers a fast, effective and highly sensitive test for protein detection as an alternative to the ‘swabbing techniques’ used in many SSDs. The new CFPP-01-01 guidelines on decontamination of reusable surgical instruments indicate that the sensitivity of fluorescence-based detection tests may be greater than that provided by existing tests. In trials at two major London Hospitals, the ProReveal Test has been shown to detect as little as 50ng of protein on reprocessed surgical instruments, making this the most sensitive detection method currently available for a decontamination environment.

With the ProReveal test the whole instrument is checked for protein not just a small ‘swabbed’ area. The results provide a visual display of the presence (or absence) of any protein. Additionally, it is possible to pre-set a defined level of detection limit when required.

The sensitivity of the test and the method used removes any doubt from the checking process. The ProReveal test is simple and takes under 5 minutes to perform. Since the test is both visual and quantifiable, users will be confident that their decontamination processes are performing to the highest standards.

In summary, the ProReveal Test is a cost-effective technology for detecting proteins on surgical instruments that can be easily implemented in SSDs. When using the diagnostics tools, the SSD Manager has full control on how their process is working and has the ability to pinpoint parameter changes which may affect system performance levels. Managers of SSDs who are concerned about improving the sensitivity of their testing to comply with current and future regulations need look no further than the ProReveal Test.

This shows the scatter plot over the period of one month for a typical washing machine during which 400 ProReveal protein tests were done. The yellow trend line shows a gradual increase in the level of residual protein being found and hence points to the need for some attention or optimisation to the washer process.

ProReveal Tag protein test - a quantitative approach to test cleaning efficiency

The ProReveal Tag is a microscope slide size stainless steel test strip, onto which is bound a known amount of protein.

This calibrated tag is put through the washer disinfector process during a normal load process. Tags are simply placed in any position in the washing machine. It is suggested that the position and frequency of use is determined by the CSSD manager.

Once the washer cycle is complete, the ProReveal Tag is removed and a ProReveal test is conducted. The ProReveal test will indicate if all the protein has been washed off or if any is still adhering to the tag surface. The measured level of any residual protein will indicate if the washer disinfector process needs any optimisation and the degree to which attention is required.

ProReveal Tags are designed to be used alongside regular instrument checks as a way of quickly determining if the washing process is working to an optimum standard and if the ProReveal test system itself is performing correctly. ProReveal Tags are an aid to improve surgical instrument cleaning with a quantifiable result.



A ProReveal Tag showing the protein test spots before going through a washing cycle. A normal tag contains one spot of 75 µl Porcine brain homogenate at a density of 1 µg/mm2



Key points

  • A realistic soil on stainless steel 316L
  • Easy to use
  • Early problem detection enables trends to be monitored
  • Reproducible and accurate
  • Produces a quantitative result when used with a ProReveal system


  • Cleaned, polished 316L stainless steel tag
  • Size of standard microscope slide 26 x 76mm
  • Accurately pipetted single spot of 75ml Porcine brain homogenate at a density of 1mg/mm2
  • All tags are QC tested and identified by a serial number
  • Boxed in quantities of 10


  • Evaluates washer process for residual protein cleaning efficiency
  • Determines detergent efficiency
  • Checks washing cycle parameters
  • Comparable to other currently available soil tests
  • No dedicated wash cycle required
  • Determines if shadowing, overloading or bad loading is a problem.