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Friday 30th August, 2013

Julian Huppert to visit Synoptics Health

Scientific Digital Imaging’s [AIM-SDI] Synoptics Health Division, a manufacturer of innovative digital imaging systems for healthcare applications, today announced that Dr Julian Huppert, Member of Parliament for Cambridge, will be visiting Synoptics Health at 2.00 p.m. on Friday 30th August to see the company’s ProReveal Sensitive Protein Detection Test and to discuss how implementing this technology could help save money by reducing the numbers of post-operative hospital acquired infections (HAIs) from dirty surgical instruments.

During his visit, Dr Huppert will find out why removing proteins from surgical instruments before they are re-used is so important. Synoptics Health’s staff will discuss with Dr Huppert the decontamination guidelines known as CFPP-01-01 and the current situation, where a national standard lower limit for protein detection on surgical instruments has not yet been set, or frequency of testing even though the Department of Health has invested in commissioning research into this area.

Dr Huppert will also be presented with scientific data which shows that the ninhydrin swab test currently in use in many UK hospital sterile services departments (SSDs) is ineffective at detecting proteins on surgical instruments and why this is leaving patients at risk of potential infection. Synoptics Health’s staff will also discuss with Dr Huppert why if this test has been scientifically shown not to be effective, is it still being included in the CFPP-01-01decontamination guidelines and why UK SSD managers are potentially wasting NHS budgets on a test which has been shown to be flawed.

Synoptics Health staff will then explain to Dr Huppert how the ProReveal Test, an in-situ fluorescence protein detection system was devised in collaboration with leading experts at QMUL (Queen Mary University of London), who were funded by the Department of Health to find a solution to overcome this serious problem. Dr Huppert will then be able to see the ProReveal test in action, where it will detect nanogram levels of protein.

 Dr Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge commented: “I am delighted to be visiting the facilities of this innovative Cambridge company, and hearing their concerns about the problems with tests used to check that surgical instruments are properly cleaned. I am looking forward to seeing how they have utilised their expertise to overcome this issue and how the government can help support the quality improvement this type of technology could provide, in the UK and across the world. This is another example of Cambridge expertise solving global problems.”

Paul Ellwood, SDI Synoptics Health’s CEO concluded: “Dr Julian Huppert is well known for being a champion of good science. We are pleased that he is concerned to find out why current testing being used in hospitals world-wide is failing patients. With Dr Huppert’s support we hope the UK will lead the world in adopting new quality standards and set a minimum safe residual protein level, as well as adopt tests which ensure reprocessed surgical instruments are thoroughly decontaminated to reduce the risk of post-operative infections.”