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Friday 15th November, 2013

Detect protein on surgical instruments

Scientific Digital Imaging’s [AIM-SDI] Synoptics Health Division, a manufacturer of innovative digital imaging systems for healthcare applications will be introducing its new ProReveal 2 Test, the next generation international gold standard in-situ fluorescence-based method for detecting proteins on surgical instruments in Hall 1, Stand 1F11 at Medica 2013.

On stand, Synoptics Health experts will be exhibiting ProReveal 2, the latest version of the world’s most sensitive method for detecting proteins on surgical instruments. The ProReveal 2 Test comes complete with a ProReveal Protein Test Kit and a ProReveal Viewer. The software in the new ProReveal 2 viewer has been upgraded to include Inspection and Control Mode, making it easier for AED (Authorising Engineers Decontamination) and SSD (Sterile Services Department) personnel to choose how to detect residual protein.

Synoptic Health staff will show how in just two simple spray and detect steps, users can locate nanogram levels of protein contamination anywhere on their surgical instrument in minutes. Synoptics Health staff will demonstrate via an easy-to-use touch screen how by using Inspection Mode, ProReveal 2 shows users where any residual protein is left on an instrument, as well as providing an accurate protein measurement. They will then show how in Control Mode, an acceptable residual protein amount, which has been set by the SSD or AED is entered into the ProReveal 2. The viewer displays a simple tick or cross to pass or fail the instrument as safe for reuse. They will also explain how easily the fluorescent spray can be removed from the instrument after testing.

Since the ProReveal 2 uses OPA fluorescence detection (cited in the CFPP-01-01 decontamination report as the most sensitive protein detection method), it is compliant with current and upcoming UK and EU guidelines. Additionally, unlike swab based tests because ProReveal 2 displays where contamination is, this aids AEDs and SSDs with assessing the quality of cleaning processes and enzymatic cleaners’ effectiveness, thus ensuring their washers are operating at their optimum.

Paul Ellwood, CEO of Synoptics Health commented: “The feedback we had when we introduced our first ProReveal Test at Medica in 2012 has been overwhelmingly positive, with progressive hospitals, as well as decontamination training centres adopting or assessing the technology. The main additional feature most users wanted was to set their own detection limits and we have responded by introducing our new ProReveal 2 Test with an Inspection Mode at Medica this year.”

Paul added: “The effectiveness of the ProReveal 2 Test at detecting low levels of protein anywhere on a surgical instrument means this test is set to become the new international gold standard for detecting residual protein on surgical instruments. Where the ProReveal 2 Test is utilised, the cleanliness of decontaminated surgical instruments should improve and this could help reduce the risk of post-operative infection such as vCJD for thousands of patients world-wide.”